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About Me

Hi, my name is Abby. Like so many other people, I was brought up with stories of how the world used to be so different. For years, I suffered through these tales, some involving what must have been exaggerated to appear either so arduous or conversely so sweet. I imagine there were a few thrown in close to the truth, for good measure, but who knows.

At some point, as I’m sure my parents predicted, I started to think about those vividly depicted accounts. One question started to repeat in my mind, how do things compare to things “back in the day”? At first blush, one would expect a balance of things that were better then, and those that could be seen as worse.

On this site, I plan to carry on investigating this question, as at this point in my life it has become one I want to answer to my own satisfaction. However, it will not be an all-encompassing theme, because I have lots I want to share as one with an inquiring mind.