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Three and a half million Motability customers – and counting

Three and a half million Motability customers – and counting The Motability Scheme began in the UK in 1977 and has gone from strength to strength. In the early 1970s, only disabled people who could drive themselves received help with transportation from the government, and this was normally in the form of a small blue trike that couldn’t take passengers. When Motability was founded, it gave back a great deal of independence to many people who were – until that point – housebound for long periods and reliant...

Driving around Ireland

Driving around Ireland It is said that Ireland offers up to forty different shades of green to entertain the eye and it’s certainly easy to see why. As the sun passes over the landscape deep rich velvety greens change their hue to reveal bright fresh emerald shades and a vibrant country that has no problem in demonstrating its outstanding beauty. It is in Ireland that you will find seemingly endless stretches of rolling hills, intricately woven waterways and elegantly...