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Driving around Ireland

Driving around Ireland

It is said that Ireland offers up to forty different shades of green to entertain the eye and it’s certainly easy to see why. As the sun passes over the landscape deep rich velvety greens change their hue to reveal bright fresh emerald shades and a vibrant country that has no problem in demonstrating its outstanding beauty.

It is in Ireland that you will find seemingly endless stretches of rolling hills, intricately woven waterways and elegantly carved caves and cliffs. It is also in Ireland that you will find a peace and serenity that is reminiscent of another time entirely.

That’s not to say there is no sense of adventure about Ireland. With over 500 ring forts and 80 Neolithic tombs this country boasts a rich cultural heritage, with many a castle available to bring a little more life to the history of this mysterious land.

Amongst some of the places to visit you’ll find Blarney Castle. Once a medieval stronghold this ancient building is situated in Blarney, near Cork and is dated from as far back as AD 1200. Having been destroyed in 1446 this important relic of history was rebuilt by Cormac MacCarthy and now provides an atmospheric and educational journey back in time.

Of course many of the well known historic sites, including the glacial valley of Glendalough and the monastery of Clonmacnoise are located in wonderfully picturesque settings providing visitors with the perfect opportunity to explore the local countryside.

Ireland is the perfect spot for those who enjoy a walk, ramble or hike, with both quiet sandy coastlines and rugged inland walks that vary in terrain ensuring dramatic views. High cliffs, mountains and wild hills mean there is something to suit everyone, with a wide variety of wildlife visible at every twist and every turn.

For a perfect mix of exciting wildlife, unspoiled landscapes, historic architecture and fun adventures Dublin is the place to be. On the one hand, its energetic city centre offers a sample of a more cosmopolitan way of life. Busy pubs, clubs and bars mix with intricately designed buildings and some of the most refined and popular restaurants that Ireland has to offer.

On the other hand, the nearby countryside offers something less frenetic with the possibility of a ramble in the forest, horse riding, cycling, or simply a walk in the peaceful landscape.

What makes these landscapes truly amazing is how easy they are to visit. Whilst it is certainly possible to fly to Ireland and in a fairly short space of time, taking a boat has many extra advantages. For example, take the ferry and you can take your own car, avoiding extra travel costs of hiring one when you get there.

If however you really want to take the stress out of travelling choose from a selection of cheap cruises and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the glorious green canopy of the Irish landscape in no time. With no stress, bother or hassle on your travels you’ll be ready for a new adventure and you’ll enjoy it all the more when you’re relaxed and pampered on the deck of a ship.