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What kind of manager are you?

What kind of manager are you?

Even those managers with years of experience under their belts recognise that there is always room to grow. The world of business is changing at a rapid rate thanks to unprecedented advances in technology over the last few decades. Managers must therefore adapt, update their knowledge, hone their skills and look at management with fresh eyes. It is not uncommon for new technological developments to come along and shake up whole industries in a matter of months; managers need to keep up.

Courses that can help

There are courses that can help those who have substantial experience in middle or senior management to sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge base, in order to make them better managers. There are a number of professional executive MBA programs to choose from, which encourage managers to utilise their professional experiences and successes to discover new learning opportunities.

What can be learned?

MBA programs offer a range of modules to help managers understand the influences on management and leadership; how they have changed and are still changing; and the impact of strategy, human resources, marketing, accounting and communication on the role of a manager.

Modules include Business Environment and Strategic Management, Strategy of International Business, Leadership and the Management of Strategic Change, Accounting and Finance for Managers, Human Resources Management, Marketing Planning and Promotion, Management Information and Communication Systems and a Dissertation. Students learn about today’s business environment, including the rise of new technologies and emergence of new competition, and how it affects policy making and decisions. Types of leadership and different management structures are considered, looking at communication, allocation of responsibilities and different systems and schemes to stimulate productivity. Students will learn the importance of market awareness and bases of and changes in consumer behaviour. They will also look at marketing opportunities, assessing the cost-effectiveness of promotion and making marketing plans.

The best forms of leadership?

What kind of manager are you? Perhaps more importantly, what kind of manager could you be? Different kinds of leaders have enjoyed different levels of success. Concepts like Tom Peters and Robert Waterman’s management by walking around, and Robert Greenleaf’s servant leadership, i.e. service to others as the most important role of a leader, have proved to be productive, motivating forms of management and leadership. But Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have also enjoyed rousing success with a totally different – and sometimes unpleasant and demeaning – leadership style.

What method is best? Professional executive MBA programs can help leaders assess this, and improve on their managerial expertise in the process, engendering greater success for them and their businesses in the future.