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A Conservatory for 2013

A Conservatory for 2013 Your Dad’s wedged between the TV and the bookshelf. Your Mum’s looking uncomfortable on the beanbag.  When it comes to trying to seat guests at a family get-together, your once-spacious-looking lounge can suddenly seem to shrink as you try to squeeze everybody in. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a room you could use just for entertaining? If you get started now you could have a great entertainment space in time for Easter. Conservatories can make...

Design Ideas for a Wildlife Garden

Design Ideas for a Wildlife Garden Creating a wildlife friendly garden, aside from being an enjoyable and relaxing place to spend your time, will help the environment and provide a safe haven for all manner of creatures. It really is easier than you think; a few small changes here and there can make a huge difference. As the world evolves more and more natural habitats have been destroyed by residential and commercial developments, not to mention the levels of pollution driving wildlife...

In My Victorian Kitchen Garden

In My Victorian Kitchen Garden In the beginning of the century, and prior to that, many people spent a part of their day out in the sunlight. Possibly they grew their own crops either for sale as a form of income, as currency in a trade, or for their own family’s consumption. Others will have worked at some trade that called outdoors the office, allowing for fresh air all around for employees and owners alike. Now, I don’t mean to romanticize it, I recognize how hard it can be to...