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Throwing House Parties in a Snap

Throwing House Parties in a Snap

Ideas for decor, games, food, and refreshments

I’m a homebody who loves to spend my weekends basking in the comforts of my own home. I value my privacy as I go about my chores, while reading a my favourite Jane Austen novels, or when I simply relax by the porch. But these aren’t my favourite past times, as I’m also fond of holding house parties. If you’re not too confident in throwing such an event at home, here are some ideas I’m willing to share to make your party-planning easier.

Set the Mood through Lights

Although your house is already equipped with lights, your living or dining room will appear more intimate and welcoming without the glare of these bulbs. To set the mood, simply use those Christmas lights you usually kept in boxes after the holidays. String them along areas where people won’t get tangled, and ambient lighting is achieved.

Ice Breaker Bingo

Many of us have encountered attending parties where we barely knew anybody. Since house parties have fewer invitees, it’s a nightmare to see your guests be awkward towards each other. To eliminate this, hold an Ice Breaker Bingo. You can take notes from the colorful 75 ball bingo card format seen at FoxyBingo. This UK online gaming portal which is popular among bingo fans, boasts of bright hues purple, pink, orange, and yellow throughout its pages. Get inspiration from this site by adorning your cards with colored markers, crayons, and even vibrantly hued stickers. But instead of placing numerals in the boxes, write random facts about each of your guests such as “Law School Graduate” or “Owns 50 pairs of heels.” Let your guests mingle with each other, while they mark all of their bingo card boxes. You can award the winner with Foxy’s line of products like the Furever perfume or the Fur Real Self-tanner to make it more fun.

Make-Your-Own Pizzas

Letting your guests have fun through food is another way to let everyone get creative. Set up a table filled with bowls of your sauces and toppings. Instead of creating your dough from scratch, you can just purchase pre-made pizza crusts from the nearby Kroger, to save time.

Tropical Quenchers

Perfect especially for occasional humid nights, serving ice-cold refreshments can let your invitees stay cool. But instead of serving the usual sodas, why not use the season’s fresh fruits? Simply whip out your juicer or blender, and transform fresh oranges, pineapples, and watermelons into delicious, but healthy thirst-quenchers.

House parties can let you and your guests feel more comfortable without shelling an exorbitant amount of money. By simply being resourceful, you can hold these events in a snap.