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A Well Organised Safari in Australia

A Well Organised Safari in Australia

There’s nothing quite like a well organised Safari. You get to experience the great outdoors with an experienced guide, ready to reveal its wonders to you. Plus working with an established tour company will ensure that you get the most out of your limited time. Australia’s rugged wilderness makes for some truly spectacular safaris, and Adventure Tours Australia are always worth investigating. They offer safaris tours all over Australia including their excellent Kakadu Tours. Here’s a list of some safaris that are particularly worthy of investigation.

Animal Tracks Experience

Kakadu National Park offers some of the most diverse and stunning scenery in Australia. The Animal Tracks Safari offers small groups the chance to head into the bush with an Aboriginal Guide, learning traditional methods of hunting, preparing and consuming a variety of traditional foods and medicines. Receive instruction in the arts of fibercraft, bush shelter construction and cooking, and listen to stories about native Aboriginal legends and dreams.  For more information take a look at 

Cape Tribulation Tour in Australia

For anyone searching for the idyllic Cape Tribulation is not easily beaten. Amid lush rainforest and sparkling coral reefs you can take a one day tour through a wildlife sanctuary, visit the rainforest and beaches before taking a river cruise to see crocodiles in the wild. Or, if you have the time, stretch your journey out to three days, including picnics, beach breaks, horse riding, jungle surfing, sea kayaking, mountain biking and yoga. More information can be found at 

Water Buffalo Hunting Safaris

For those who like to hunt Australia’s premier big game animal is the Water Buffalo. Weighting up to 1000lbs they can be tough to bring down presenting a serious challenge. Australia Wide Safaris offer packages including first class accommodation and dining, air conditioned cabins, an excellent chef and quality firearms. The best times are late April to the end of November, and transport, via road or air, is also included. Fishing is available in nearby rivers and the guides are friendly and knowledgeable. Find out more at 

Kakadu Safari

Kakadu is one of Australia’s most diverse Parks, featuring six major landforms and a remarkable variety and concentration of wildlife spread over 20,000 square kilometers. For those looking to see a little bit of everything try the Kakadu Tour. Discover the Park’s ancient secrets and get up close and personal with its flora and fauna. Take a cruise through the byways and admire ancient Aboriginal rock art, and hear indigenous stories of the Creation time. There’s camping, canoeing, waterfalls and gorges. This one is very highly recommended.